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4Neurodiversity workshops to take place at 2019 event

4Neurodiversity is a new Autistic-led specialist and professional consultancy, training and support organisation. Its plan is to provide a range of services and training to organisations and neurodiverse groups and individuals with a view to engendering both personal and wider social understanding and acceptance.

The organisation will be based in Calderdale but hopes to work in partnership with other organisations across West Yorkshire.

Taster sessions

Angie Balmer, founder of 4Neurodiversity invites you to attend a workshop that is a taster session of the workshops 4Neurodiversity deliver to Autistic people (or Aspies if you prefer) to enable and improve self-awareness.

It takes a brief look at what has influenced people’s views of Autism, reflects upon Autism as a disability, considers what Autism means to Autistic people and looks for solutions to overcoming barriers.

The afternoon workshop is a taster of the Autism Awareness training Angie has co-produced with the Autistic community and its allies and has been peer reviewed.


Before setting up 4Neurodiversity, Angie worked as a community partner for the Department of Work and Pensions part of her role was to deliver training to jobcentre staff and other organisations.  This is a product of what she learned about Autism Awareness training.