Leeds Autism Services

Leeds Autism Services (LAS) are a charity that offers a range of autism-specific services for adults. We provide support for people either in their own homes, community settings or one of our own facilities. Their aims are:

  • To provide adults on the autism spectrum with opportunities for personal development within a range of vocational settings
  • To promote community inclusion and increased social opportunity
  • To offer individually tailored packages of support in order to assist people to achieve their goals.
  • To offer support and advice to individuals, families and carers within a holistic and non- judgemental framework
  • To employ proactive strategies in order to promote and maintain good physical and mental wellbeing for adults on the autism spectrum
  • To work with other individuals and agencies in order to promote autism understanding and good autism practise

Contact details: Email Leeds Autism Services | Tel: 0113 245 2645 | LAS website

Specialist Autism Services

Formerly known as Sacar, Specialist Autism Services was established in 1999 in Bradford due to increasing demands from parents/carers of people with autism. We are a non-profit organisation that works for and with adults on the autism spectrum across Yorkshire, spreading autism awareness nationally.

We make a positive difference to the lives of our members and through person-centred support we create opportunities for people to build confidence, develop social skills, increase independence and fulfil their potential.

Contact details: Email Specialist Autism Services | Tel: 01132 775 656 | SAS website

Leeds Autism AIM

This service provides Advocacy, Information and Mentoring to autistic adults locally that have little or no funded support. Leeds Autism AIM aims to:

  • Increase access to services that people want or need
  • Increase access to information to help people make choices about support/services available

Leeds Autism AIM is co-led by autistic adults.  We can provide support/information on issues such as employment, education, access to health or mental health services, support post-diagnosis, strategies for managing day-to-day, information about specialist services and other activities or support available locally.

Contact details: Email Leeds Autism AIM | Tel: 0113 244 0606 | Leeds Autism AIM website

Leeds ABC

Leeds ABC are a regional resource for parents of children with an autistic spectrum condition. We are a UK registered charity (Charity no. 1023066).

We aim to provide help, support and advice about services, facilities, education, care and welfare for parents and families of children displaying Autistic Spectrum Conditions including Asperger’s Syndrome in the local community of residents in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Contact details: Email Leeds ABC | Tel: N/A | Leeds ABC website

Brick 42

Brick 42 is an autistic-led social enterprise that recycles old Lego bricks and brings them back to life! They are run by Harriet Chapman, an autistic adult in Leeds. Harriet helped to coordinate the construction of the Lego version of the Leeds City Council crest for our 2017 event.

Contact details: Brick 42 website


4Neurodiversity are an autistic-led service that offers training. They are led by Angie Balmer, who used to work as the DWP’s neurodiversity lead for West Yorkshire. Angie will be delivering two workshops at the 2019 event.

Contact details: 4Neurodiversity website

Event Organisers

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